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Stings my eyes

With salts and liquids,

Stubborn tears

That won’t



Shakes my hands

They’ll ne’er stay still

Till all her rage

Towards me



Opens my mouth

Then strikes me dumb,

Now, paralyzed,

No words



Is my mind

It makes me weak,

Show me pity;

A heart still




SIDE NOTE: This is supposed to be centered but I can’t figure out how to do that on posts.

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I would do better

alone in this world

with no one to speak to me,

leave me alone!

I just want some peace

can’t you see in my eyes?

I despise human speech,

it just takes too much time.

I don’t care if you sit there

and just shut your mouth,

you can be in my presence

but you need to learn how!

It shouldn’t be hard

to be silent for hours

but from my experience,

no one else has this power.

I just want to go

somewhere secluded,

where no one else knows

and everything’s muted.

-Me (4/25/12)

(Version 2 of this poem)

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Can’t you see what you’ve done,

You’ve taken my love away

Made a fool of my heart

But you’re not the one to blame.

I saw myself from outside

Sinking into the depths

A million miles an hour

Have I hit the ground yet?

I know you’re blind to my pain

But how could you ever know

That I built up these things

And let the illusion grow.

So I take back my heart

From someone who never knew

And you’ll go on with your life

And I’ll move on without you.


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