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With that beginning note
Starts the memory of the heart
Seventeen notes later
The strangest pangs will start.
The song brings back a memory
Of something that you’ve lost
A time that you won’t have again
And so you take a pause.
And as you listen to this song
Those pangs will pierce your soul
They’ll soon become addicting
And your heart will pay the toll.
But amazing how those blood-red notes
Assault your blood like darts
They course right through your pulsing veins
And infect your beating heart
With feelings known from times gone past
They’re liquid now, they’re flowing fast,
The notes pour in, your heart is drowned
In pools of blood-red liquid sound.


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Looking up I reminisce

About how we once were:

The stars for us held mysteries,

Our gaze toward them was pure.

Looking for Orion’s Belt

We searched enchanted skies,

We sought that simple line of three

With spellbound simple eyes.

Lying in the grass that night

How magical the sight

Of you and me and scores of stars,

And they our only light.

Lying next to you I felt

As if I’d found a home,

A timeless place of happiness;

We’d never be alone.

But then our spell was broken by

Those words I said to you.

I wish I hadn’t spoken them

But now what can I do?

Those words, though not by nature harsh,

Have kept us far apart

And kept us from the mysteries

Inside our starlit hearts.

And now it seems we’re back again

Before that night of stars

Doing as we should’ve done:

Becoming friends to start.

But this time we’ve no time to lose

So pray we get it right

For this could be our only chance,

The last chance, in our lives.


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