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You can’t plan your future, you can’t change your past

You can try to change now but moments go fast.

You can sit there and ponder the roads you can take,

You can wonder “What if?” till you’re blue in the face.

I can’t make a difference, I can’t take your place,

I can try to advise you but we know it’s a waste.

I can listen to you as you sit on you ass

I can space out while “listening” till your complaining has passed.

You will never know all, you will always know something,

You will make it ok if you just keep on marching.

You will take it as well as your ignorance lets you

You will eat all the lies, give the dog scraps of plain truth.

I will always nag you, I will be a mule,

I will fail every time but this is just what I do.

I will take the time I need without rushing

I will not watch you fall as I sit and do nothing.

-Me (4/24-25/2012)

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